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Kids for Tomorrow


Kids for Tomorrow


Kids For Tomorrow strives to create sustainable learning
environments for the betterment of students and their
communities. We support programs that enhance students'
knowledge, creativity, community participation, and health
using a holistic approach, which includes providing a safe and
inspiring learning environment, affordable and healthy food
options, access to clean water, and opportunities for
community development. Our mission is to empower students
and communities through education, equipping them to think
globally and act locally.


Back to School 2018

Back to School 2018

 Hope your summer vacations have been long and relaxing. It’s the end of August and that means chilly weather is around the corner and students are heading back to school. This year, 659 students from nursery school to secondary school will be supported by you, thank you.  It is an exciting day of firsts for many of the students.  The nursery students start their first day of their academic careers and are so excited about their brand new school uniforms.  Also, the students beginning their first year of secondary school will receive their dormitory supplies.  The 8th grade students will be planning for their exit exams which will place them in secondary schools next year. With such excitement and anticipation we want to thank you for your continued support.


Thank you for giving these children a chance to learn!


This is a great opportunity to sponsor a student, buy school supplies for the year, pay for a teachers' salary, or pay for the final exam for an 8th grade student. We would like to start this school year with $5000, this will help pay for teachers salaries, school supplies for students and teachers, and warm lunch for the students. 


With your help we can make this happen, we have many options you can choose from. And, of course, whatever you are comfortable with is helpful and much appreciated.



To Make a donation please click here.


Amount: *

Sponsor a student for a full year - $375/year  
(Will cover school supplies, books, uniforms, tuition, food)


$25  Provides 2 sets of uniforms or puzzles, games, and educational toys to the school


$50  Provides 12 textbooks for the school


$75  Provides teachers' material for one year


$100  Supports 2 teacher’s salaries for one month


$123 Cost of one final exam for 8th grade student


$150  Provides fresh water, first aid, and general maintenance at the school


$300  Supports training sessions up to 6 times per year for 35 teachers


$500  Support for supplemental salary of $21 per month for 2 librarians


$1,000  Provides at least one meal a day for all students for one month



Thank you for your continued support! 


All the best,


Samantha Tannehill


Kids for Tomorrow 

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The Team

The Team