Kenya, March 24, 2017 –  The drought and famine that has been crippling East Africa is hitting home. Besides the immediate threat of malnutrition and dehydration, students' futures are at risk because so many boys and girls are being forced to drop out of school.   Our students, teachers, and parents are being affected by this drought and famine and need our help.
There are around 3.5 million people in Kenya currently facing food insecurity, with children under five making up a third of that number.The drought has already forced the early closure of a number of primary schools in the region simply due to a lack of food.
Hope Streams' feeding programs are nearly collapsing as parents can not contribute to help with kids lunch and the school can not afford to buy more food without support.

Water is also a big problem as the bore hole ( the tank we created to catch rain and serve as the schools water source) has now dried up and the school has to buy water for all the school needs. The bore hole has been providing water for washing the toilets, classrooms, sprinkling at the playing yard, watering plant and other construction related needs but now it is dry and the lack of rain to fill it has created problems.

The school officials are now having to rely on buying water, which the school budget is straining due to lack of funds. We greatly appreciate any support at this time to help us pay for water and food to supply the students at Hope Streams Academy.